JavaScript Workshop Weekend

  • 4 free

  • 20-21
    February 2016

  • Unterföhring
    near Munich

Up and running with Gulp.js

A small introduction to Gulp.js, how it works and its basic concepts. After the short intro we will do hands-on coding to get yourself live reloading templates for your next web-frontend project.

Level: Intermediate – solid knowledge of node, node streams and npm required

Node.js for embedded systems

This workshop will walk you through examples on how JavaScript can be used for programming connected devices.
First, you'll learn about some basic with an Arduino board, such as how to use serial communication or program components with Johnny-Five. We then look at HTTP inside and outside of devices. To get real-time updates from devices, let's look at usage of websockets. Last, you'll learn more about Noble and Bleno to explore Bluetooth connectivity.
Intel Edison boards and some components will be provided for this workshop. There will also be a number of robots that can be controlled with JavaScript.

Level: Beginner – basic knowledge of node and npm required

NPM as a build tool – How to develop, test and release a re-usable module for node.js

So you know Javascript? You know it from the browser? Just started with node? Did not yet release anything on npm ? This is the workshop for you.
We will look into building Javascript modules that can be used by any other node app out there. We will touch the following topics.

  • Write and run unit tests
  • Version and publish a module using git tags
  • Use CI from
  • Manage dependencies
  • Check your code style
  • Use ES6 for the code

At the end of the workshop you will have: A unit tested, code style checked, working example of ES6 code out in the wild (and it will run in the browser as ES5 code).

Level: Beginner – basic knowledge of node and npm required

Sebastian Schürmann

ECMAScript6 in use with react.js

In this workshop you will create a project from scratch using ES6 everywhere, on the client, the server and in your tests.

You will learn how to use the basics of npm to set up a project, use the ES6 module system, ES6 classes (we will do some OO), ES6 destructuring, ES6 iterators and many more things. All this will be based around a react.js single page application, which we will develop for the browser. We will implement server-side rendering, to have an application that loads in an instant and is SEO ready.

Level: Advanced – you should be fluent with JavaScript

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